Every big band started small.
And so did we.

our story

Things getting started

The Yousician story started when two friends, Chris and Mikko met in a pub and found out that both of them attempted to learn to play an instrument but eventually failed. Their subsequent research revealed that traditional music education methods are unsuccessful for others too. As many as 85% of people starting to learn to play eventually fail. The two decided to re-think music education, a field neither of them had experience in, and to develop an alternative way that would be successful for people like them.

chords go wild

Chris and Mikko founded a company, then called Ovelin, and developed and launched their first product called WildChords. WildChords was a game aimed at children to learn the basics of guitar. Two things were novel about WildChords: (1) it was played with a real guitar and the game listened to the player. (2) it was a real game, with a story, points, missions etc that kept players motivated to practice. WildChords was launched at the Slush conference in 2011 and the team won the Slush100 prize over the other 99 contestants. Watch the launch presentation here.

from animals to bots

After the successful launch of their first product at Slush 2011, Ovelin got on the radar of the investor community. The team raised their first funding round from Silicon Valley’s most entrepreneur friendly Venture Capital firm True Ventures in early 2012. Based on the the learnings from the first product, the team developed a new game, GuitarBots. For the first time, not only the beginners but also more advanced guitarists could play and have fun. As it turned out, even great musicians enjoy having their performance tracked, learn new songs and push their skills to the next level. GuitarBots was launched one year after WildChords, in 2012, again at Slush. It became an instant hit, and the company was able to get over 1 million users playing and learning the guitar with it.

Yousician is born

Realizing how powerful the music learning game GuitarBots was for guitar, the team planned to develop a version for other instruments as well. However, the name GuitarBots did not fit anymore. In November 2014, Yousician was launched and the company shed its old name Ovelin at the same time. As the product matured, teachers from all around the world started using Yousician with their students. Incidentally, Yousician is helping music teachers to solve their biggest challenge: keeping students motivated to practice. Today, Yousician is the platform of choice for both self-learners and music educators.

open platform

Music tastes and education preferences are so diverse, that no one company can realistically offer the breadth of content that would do justice to this diversity. Yousician started to attract an ever wider range of users with different skills, music tastes and learning preferences. Soon the team had difficulties catering suitable content to all their needs. Furthermore, many users, especially teachers and up-and-coming artists wanted to make their own content available on Yousician for their students or fans to play.

Thus, Yousician gradually opened up the platform and introduced features that allow the community to shape the content themselves. Now users can upload or create their own songs and exercises, as well as create their own playlists. As of today, the community has created and uploaded well over 20’000 exercises, with hundreds added every day. There is almost certainly something for everyone, and if not, go ahead and create something yourself!