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True work satisfaction comes from working on something meaningful, with a team of people who love what they do and are great at it. So if you love music as much as we do and you take pride in doing great work, you should join us!

Why join Yousician

  • meaningful

    At Yousician, you’ll help shape the future of music education and profoundly impact the lives of millions of people. When you’re in charge of making a difference, there’s no limit to what you can do.

  • successful

    We are a profitable, fast-growing company. As a Yousician team member, you’ll work on the cutting edge of technology, business and education with great career opportunities ahead.

  • great team and culture

    You’ll work alongside some of the best people in your field in small, efficient and empowered teams. We support people in their professional growth. We work hard and jam hard!

how we work

Systematic and clear thinking

Yousician as a workplace is very analytical and methodological. We make evidence based decisions. We think before we act and stay focused by relying on data and reflecting on our learnings. Clear communication and intellectual honesty are very important for us.

Doing what has impact

We value when team members are self-directed, initiative and take ownership of their areas to deliver results that matter for achieving our mission. This requires understanding your work in the context of our mission, evaluating what has impact, and a hunger to deliver results. We believe that done is better than perfect and that 20% of the right effort can yield 80% of the impact.

professional growth mindset

We believe in small, efficient and empowered teams. Our team members are adaptive to change, willing to grow professionally and pro-actively learn new skills. And we work hard to create an environment that gives people big goals, autonomy and support.

Pride in doing excellent work

There is a great sense of joy coming from doing one's work extremely well. At Yousician we take pride in our work, both in terms of work quality and productivity. We like working with people that go that extra mile for the pure joy of doing great work and delivering impressive results.

no bs team players

Being nice to others is important for teamwork, but it is not enough to be a great team player. We believe that working in a team that is both transparent and humble creates a great environment for personal and professional growth. Transparency is encouraged with regards to sharing openly with others the progress, results and learnings of your work, but also speaking up when you think something in the company or team is not going well. Keeping silent out of any concern is regarded as very disrespectful in our team that is committed to learning and improving.

Take a peek backstage

  • We jam at the office on our huge stage. Anyone is welcome to join, even if you can’t play an instrument just yet!
  • Every winter we take the entire team to a warm place for a month to work, learn, connect and jam.
  • We have a spacious, city-center open office to complement our transparent and modern work culture.
  • Many of us are really into board games, live music and sauna nights.
  • On top of being musical and nerdy, we are also sporty. Sort of. We try out different sports together.
  • Every month we have a Hack Day designed to unleash your creativity and build something fun.

Join Yousician

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