YouTube videos are now available as backing tracks!

YouTube videos are now available as backing tracks!

We are excited to announce a new feature that was highly demanded since we released SongCreator: now it is possible to put your YouTube videos as backing tracks to your songs, and play them within Yousician.

Youtube as backing track

With this feature, creation and synchronisation of educational videos will be available for the first time: now you can create tutorial videos, and embed the corresponding exercises to the Yousician songs. We believe that, Yousician synchronized with YouTube videos will deliver the kind of interactive experience that is crucial for learning, but was not available before. By coupling the clarity of video instructions and the real-time feedback users get from Yousician, the users will get the best of both worlds, and content creators can produce new and engaging ways of teaching and sharing their content with the world. In addition, you can now also to put your songs right from your YouTube channels into the Yousician Songs Library, and teach millions of our users to play your songs and compete on them.

We believe that, with this new feature, we will be able to empower teachers and content creators for all over the world to share their music with others, and become a part of the Yousician community by helping others master their instruments. Together, we can make musicality as common as literacy!

To read more about the features of the SongCreator and how to use them, visit our Help Center for documentation and tutorials.