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Moro! Building a truly global company in Helsinki

By Chris Thür, CEO of Yousician.

I was an international student at Tampere University of Technology when I met my co-founder Mikko the first time. Little did we know that together we would build a company, that would grow to become a truly global actor in music education. Today, Yousician is not only a successful music education platform, but a truly multicultural company: We have users basically from all over the world (including Tonga, Turkmenistan and North Korea) but also the team behind the application is genuinely multicultural. Even though the company is located in Finland, about half of our team members are originally from somewhere else. This has been the way of Yousician from the day one. First there was only me, a guy from Switzerland and Mikko. Gradually we have built a team of currently around 50 people from 17 different countries.



Terms of Service and Privacy Policy update from April 28th 2016

Our product and our community have grown significantly in the last year, so we’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Bass Guitar, Piano and Ukulele Added to World's Largest Music Education Platform

Yousician expands access to music education to millions of users.



Could Yousican Make You the Next Big Rock Star?

HYBE – an international startup lifestyle media crew visited our office the other day and made this cool video about Yousician:


Introducing Yousician SongCreator

Yousician announces today the gradual release of a new feature called SongCreator to the Yousician application. SongCreator, an addition to the user generated content efforts of Yousician and its community, lets users create, play and share their own exercises and songs directly in the Yousician application.


Guitar Starz Club Enjoys Huge Success with Yousician

Juan Valencia, or Mister V. as his students affectionately call him, is the founder of Guitar Starz Club. Over 100 students in Toronto, Canada are learning to play the guitar thanks to Guitar Starz Club. Juan has been teaching guitar for many years. It wasn’t until he discovered Yousician by pure coincidence that took his teaching to a new level. His students have never been motivated more. Now they’re eager to practice at home between lessons, allowing Juan to cover new material in class rather than going over previous lessons again and again.


Why did we take a company retreat in Thailand? This video has all the answers

We get asked a lot about our month-long company retreat to Thailand we took last November – mostly “how” or “why”. To answer some of these questions we interviewed our CEO Chris Thur about how it all worked out.


How Yousician Transformed Instruction in my General Music Classroom

We’re always excited to hear from music educators that have discovered Yousician, but we were particularly in awe when Natasha reached out to us with the wonderful video she made together with her students. Naturally, we could not wait to hear more and soon had a great call learning about all the wonderful things happening in the Music Class at Deal School. Since Yousician is a big community of learners, we care very much about educators helping each other with tips & tricks. We’re delighted that Natasha agreed to write up her experience and share with them with all of us.


Leah looks back at her first three months at Yousician Piano


Leah Harris was teaching music full time and performing regularly as a singer in Stockholm before she joined the company in March of 2015.

“I saw the job ad, got a good feeling about the company, and then picked up and moved to Helsinki to try out things with Yousician. I came here and it was the best move I ever made,” she says.


Motivate students to practice at home with Yousician Assignments


When talking to hundreds of music educators worldwide we’ve heard the same problem over and over: no matter how engaging you make your lessons, it’s tough to make sure your students actually practice when they go home. The result? Some students only play their instruments during lessons and show little progress.