Yousician for Teachers just got a whole lot better!

Yousician for Teachers just got a whole lot better!

We are very happy to announce the new Yousician for Teachers dashboard inside the Yousician app! If you are a teacher with a class of students, you can now manage everything from within the app, rather than from the website.


With the in-app Yousician for Teachers dashboard, you can now:

  • Find students registered to Yousician
  • Add/remove students to your dashboard
  • Edit students display name for easier identification
  • Assign homeworks (“Collect stars”, “Master a mission”, “Play a song”) to students
  • Group students into different classes
  • Assign homework to an entire class of multiple students at the same time
  • Easily find specific students by name in your dashboard
  • View students’ progress in the syllabus and with their homework
  • Get a quick overview over how students have practiced during the previous 7 days
  • Receive in-app notifications when students practice or complete their homework

To read more about the new Yousician for Teachers dashboard, visit our Help Center where you can find articles to guide you through the new features.

If you are a teacher and use Yousician in your teaching, you can enroll as a teacher to get access to the new dashboard following these instructions.

We are very proud of these improvements which are directly based on all the feedback we got from amazing educators around the world. We believe this update will make the life of all Yousician teachers a lot easier.

The new dashboard seamlessly integrates with how teachers already use Yousician with their students. Now, the right actions are presented to you as an educator at the right moment: Play a song in class, assign it to students as homework, see how they are practicing at home, get notified when they run out of homework so you can assign some more, quickly check up before they arrive for the next lesson so you’re ready to kick off a fun and productive lesson again.

Our goal is to make musicality as common as literacy. We couldn’t do it without you.

The Yousician for Teachers dashboard is part of YousicianEdu – a program tailored to teachers and educational institutions with special pricing depending on the number of teachers & students. Request a quote by scrolling down to the end of our Edu page.