GuitarBots Discontinued

GuitarBots Discontinued


Today we are officially saying goodbye to our friend, GuitarBots, the second guitar learning game that we released. When it launched, at the beginning of 2013, we had no idea that the public response would be so massive and enthusiastic. The community of players grew very fast and has since then always been very involved in the project, making excellent contributions and suggestions. The community’s stats are equally impressive: together our users played over 90 years Рa whole life worth of guitar! We simply cannot thank them enough.

However, as we were continuously developing GuitarBots, our vision of what the perfect music learning tool should be and could be, started to evolve. New improvements in technology, educational content and user interface transformed the idea of a guitar learning game into something that would become the next-generation music education platform: Yousician.

Built upon everything we learned from GuitarBots, Yousician uses a similar core technology to GuitarBots, plus a huge range of massive improvements: better sound recognition, more guitar techniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends) and a more responsive and less distracting interface. In addition, it is available on more platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux), and contains an incredibly comprehensive guitar curriculum, with hundreds of video tutorials and mini-games to train skills, lots of great new songs, and tons more. As a result, we are now putting all of our efforts into Yousician and into our larger mission: to make the world a more musical place.

It has been really heartwarming to hear all the nice things our users have said about GuitarBots, after we announced the end date. We would like to thank everyone who has somehow contributed to the amazing journey of GuitarBots, and invite all of them to join us on our mission with Yousician.

Keep on jamming!

– Yousician Team