Song Creator Contest

Song Creator Contest

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We all have a melody in our mind, some tune we composed, perhaps just a basic idea for a full tune, a chord progression, a riff. Now’s the time to share it and win a brand new Chapman CAP10 America electric guitar!

Participating in the Song Creator Contest is easy:

  1. Upload your song to Yousician using the Song Creator feature (click here to watch a tutorial) – remember to add a backing track, that makes the whole song sound a lot better!
  2. Set the title of the song to “SCC16 – *your-song-title*” (Example: “SCC16 – Longing For Your Love”; Click here to see how to do it) and make sure your song is public (it is by default).
  3. After the song submission period, our team will pick the Top 5 songs.
  4. The community will then vote the WINNER of the Chapman CAP10 America guitar. The 3 most voted songs will also be arranged in a future Weekly Challenge, and they will be promoted to and played by millions of players around the World!

The song submission will be up until Sep 19th (14.00 UTC).
The selection of the Top5 songs and the community voting will follow the submission window, and we will communicate exact dates later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload and participate with more than one song?
Yes you can!

When can I upload my song?
You can upload your song at any time between Sep 5th at 14.00 UTC and Sep 19th at 14.00 UTC. Remember also to set the song title to “SCC16 – *your-song-title*” (example “SCC16 – Wishing In The Night”) and make sure your song is public (it is by default). The upload time, the title and the public status of the song are prerequisites to participate in the contest.

Does my song have to be complete?
It does not. Even a song idea, a chord progression, a melody, a riff, is eligible to participate in the contest. Just remember that the songs will be voted, so the more complete they are and the better they sound, the more chances you have to make it to the top! Adding a backing track to the song can make a huge difference!

What will you base your decision on to pick the Top 5 songs for community to vote?
There is no complex algorithm or elaborated formula that will do the dirty work and automatically select the Top 5 songs. We will do it ourselves, picking up our guitars and playing the different songs to see which ones sound better and are funnier to play. We will then meet, share our personal favourites and decide on the Top 5. It is a discretionary process, yet we believe that it is the best way to give everyone a fair chance to make it to the community voting phase.
P.S.: Sending boxes of chocolates to Yousician office might help giving us the right energy to go through all the submissions, but will not impact our impartial judgement. 😉

How will the community voting work?
We will communicate when community voting will start. From that point the Yousician rating of the Top 5 selected songs will be reset, and people can start voting for the songs within the app. In order to avoid the impact of downvoting, the final score of each song will be the sum of 4s and 5s they’ll get during the community voting phase. We will give daily updates on the standing in our social media channels.

Can I upload any song to participate in the contest?
You can upload any song, or song idea (chord progression, melody, riff), that is yours. Please make sure to review the Contest Rules and our Terms of Service before you upload your song.

Where do I find the Song Creator feature? How do I use it?
You can find the Song Creator feature in the Yousician app, under the “Songs” tab. The feature is designed to be easy to use, but you might want to check these additional resources:
-> video tutorial (Advanced);
-> video tutorial (Basic);
-> Zendesk articles.

Do I have to pay to enter the contest?
There is no entrance fee for the contest and no limitation on how many songs participants can enter during submission time. Submitting songs requires a Yousician premium account, which can be acquired for free on trial basis.

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