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Moro! Building a truly global company in Helsinki

By Chris Thür, CEO of Yousician.

I was an international student at Tampere University of Technology when I met my co-founder Mikko the first time. Little did we know that together we would build a company, that would grow to become a truly global actor in music education. Today, Yousician is not only a successful music education platform, but a truly multicultural company: We have users basically from all over the world (including Tonga, Turkmenistan and North Korea) but also the team behind the application is genuinely multicultural. Even though the company is located in Finland, about half of our team members are originally from somewhere else. This has been the way of Yousician from the day one. First there was only me, a guy from Switzerland and Mikko. Gradually we have built a team of currently around 50 people from 17 different countries.