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Junction 2016 micro-challenge solution

At Yousician we are passionate both about music and technology; more than a half of our team are programmers and of course we could not miss Junction 2016 – Europe’s largest hackathon, that took place in Helsinki on the pre-Slush weekend of November 25-27th this year. We wanted to do something special there and literally brought music to the event: the hackers were invited to try Yousician and freely play our instruments; the Yousician Arcade Box (built as a hack day project by our developers by the way) filled the main corridor with music from Friday to Sunday evening!

Our stand at Junction


Standard Notation for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele.

Yousician now supports standard notation for string instruments! We are excited, not only because this has been one of the top 3 features most requested by users, but because it is a good skill to learn for well-rounded musicians.


YouTube videos are now available as backing tracks!

We are excited to announce a new feature that was highly demanded since we released SongCreator: now it is possible to put your YouTube videos as backing tracks to your songs, and play them within Yousician.


Yousician for Teachers just got a whole lot better!

We are very happy to announce the new Yousician for Teachers dashboard inside the Yousician app! If you are a teacher with a class of students, you can now manage everything from within the app, rather than from the website. With the in-app Yousician for Teachers dashboard, you can now: Find students registered to Yousician […]


Song Creator Contest 2016 – Top5 songs open for voting


It’s not been easy, and we’d like to congratulate everyone who submitted a song for the Song Creator Contest 2016. Playing and listening to the songs has been great experience!

After careful selection, here are the Top5 songs we are opening for community voting.


Adam Roach and his students’ outstanding results

After the release of the official results for the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Examination Board (ANZCA), Adam Roach could barely contain himself from jumping for joy.


Song Creator Contest

We all have a melody in our mind, some tune we composed, perhaps just a basic idea for a full tune, a chord progression, a riff. Now’s the time to share it and win a brand new Chapman CAP10 America electric guitar!


Using Yousician in different teaching environments

By Tommi Aitala, professional guitar teacher with 20+ years of experience in Rauma, Finland.

The traditional way of learning to play an instrument has been a very formal one. One teacher, one book, with every student playing the same exercises and most motivated individuals becoming somewhat similar musicians. The more classically oriented, the more similar, since the repertoire is also more limited.


Teaching Piano with Yousician

By Mindaugas Neverovas, who has been teaching classical piano in Finland, Estonia and Lithuania for 10 years. He studied both in Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn. Nowadays he teaches at the International School of Music Finland in Helsinki.


I discovered Yousician in spring 2016 and have been using it now for 3 months with my students in their lessons. Since then the dedication towards practising, concentration and desire to play piano increased enormously. It was the end of asking to take a break or going to toilet constantly. The process of learning became so much more efficient and the improvement was visible already in few weeks.


Talouselämä (Economic Life) about Yousician: "millions in sales and a high recruitment rate"


Finnish language weekly financial and business magazine Talouselämä (Economic Life) has published an article about us – Music learning app Yousician made a breakthrough – millions in sales and a high recruitment rate.