making musicality
as common as literacy

To achieve our mission, we reimagine music education, so everyone can unleash their inner musician. We believe that music makes the world a more beautiful, colorful, and creative place, so all of us should be able to play, learn, and have fun.

our beliefs

  • we are all
    born musical

    Anyone can learn to play an instrument and lead a more musical life.

  • Love at
    first note

    Playing music should be fun from the very first note you play.

  • musical
    Creativity is diverse

    Great teachers enable their students to find their own musical path.

Music is one of the most diverse cultural phenomena in the world. Musicians come from all walks of life and everyone has an individual musical identity. The “You” in Yousician reflects this, as does the fingerprint in our logo. We help you discover and develop your own musical identity, so you can make the world a more musical place.

  • our products

    GuitarTuna is ranked as the #1 tuner app in the world on the App Store and Google Play. Because of its accuracy, intuitive design, and emphasis on usability, GuitarTuna is the firm favorite among beginners and advanced players alike.

  • our products

    Yousician is a revolutionary music platform for anyone to learn, play, create and teach music. Millions of people around the world use Yousician to advance their music skills and play the music they love.

Every second of every day someone new from around the world starts playing an instrument with Yousician.

quick facts

  • 4
    instruments: guitar,
    ukulele, bass, piano
  • 8m
    active users
  • 250m
    songs played
  • 135b
    notes played

Yousician as a company

135 billion notes played and counting

Founded in 2010, Yousician is the largest and fastest growing music education company in the world. Millions of people around the globe use our products.

Year after year, we have grown our revenue 5x while the team doubled every year. And although we are successful in monetary terms, we measure our success by the progress of our users. So far our learners have played 135 billion notes, completed 250 million exercises, and spent in total a whopping 600 years learning, playing and becoming more musical.

The people behind the apps

We are more than 70 people of 21 different nationalities based in Helsinki, Finland. We are a diverse bunch of hardcore audio engineers, music educators, software developers, game designers, marketers and visual artists. But what unites us all is our love for music and the shared belief that each of us can contribute to something big: helping to reimagine the future of music education.

as seen in

“Yousician is modern technology's gift to music education.”

awards and honors

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Yousician has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 811561

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